A game-changing design for wind generators could make urban wind farms a reality


mccamley-vertical-axis-wind-turbineAlthough harvesting energy from the wind, especially on a windy island at the edge of the Atlantic like Great Britain is an irresistible idea, however the public resistance to windfarms, not to mention the cost of building and maintaining them makes their widespread adoption a problem – particularly wind farms at Sea!

This new innovation could ‘change the game’. It comes in a flat pack so just about anyone can build it and it can be cited on any flat roof.

The design also allows for it to be situated in urban environments where the variability of wind strength and direction make the traditional wind turbine design unsuitable.

Full story here,  Inhabitat – http://inhabitat.com/mccamleys-new-vertical-axis-wind-turbines-could-make-urban-wind-farms-a-reality/


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