Brilliant Idea #13. The Webstore on the High Street

webshopI rarely shop in the physical World and when I do it’s in a book or music shop! Even when I am enticed into the shop, I find myself wanting to ‘buy’ in a digital way however, so I end up in the ridiculous situation where I am in a book shop reading reviews on Amazon on my smartphone.

So, here’s the bloody Brilliant Idea, a shop on the High Street that provides a nice relaxing environment, probably with refreshments, comfy chairs and PCs / tablets BUT, and here’s the clever bit, shop attendants that are expert shoppers that can help me by advising on deals and sites that I might not know about.

The clientele of the shop of the huge percentage of us (I don’t want to risk being sexist, but we are probably male) that hate shopping, but have a reason to accompany our family to the high street and we just want to get the purchase done there and then.


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