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Toyota USA engages the crowd to select charities to receive a new car

Toyota USA are giving away two cars a day to deserving charities. The Crowd decide who based on facebook Likes.


The more cynical amongst us would suggest this is a clever PR stunt to engage people via social media. I’m inclined to believe that Toyota are recognizing that they need to find a way of engaging with their consumers in a more meaningful and collaborative way.

More information here

So worth a watch!

It doesn’t really relate to ideas and innovation, but it certainly is BRILLIANT.

So worth a watch, but in case you don’t have time, here are his 9 tips for a happy and successful life;

1. Don’t have a dream

2. Don’t seek happiness (focus on making someone else happy)

3. It’s all luck

4. Exercise

5. Be hard on your opinions

6. Be a teacher

7. Define yourself by what you love

8. respect people with less power than you

9. Don’t rush


Brilliant Idea. Free workspace in Government buildings for startups and charities

thinspaceforgrowthNow this is a brilliant idea…from the UK Government!

Small businesses, start-ups, charities and social enterprises can now hire work space in government buildings for free!

They call it Space for Growth and have a website where you can view details of the workstation spaces currently available, book or simply register to be informed of future developments.


More information here

Brilliant Idea#37. “Keep this photo on my phone, just make it smaller

My iPhone has run out of space – too many photos, videos and music. The crazy thing is that it’s all backed up so most of the photos (I had >500) can be deleted apart from the fact that I like to be able to share them with friends.

Brilliant Idea #37 is blindingly simple. When it backs-up my photos it leaves a low res photo version on the phone – literally screen size on the phone.

Brilliant Idea. Crowd-based testing

Another brilliant idea I wish I had thought of.


Brilliantly simple. You describe the action that you want to test. Rainforest QA then have a ‘crowd’ of people – real humans rather than scripts, who do the action that you requested and tell you (or show you in terms of screen shots) what happened.

Within 5 minutes I got 5 results. 3 out of five got the result that I expected, but crucially 2 of them gave me a different result proving that the way we assumed our Users would act was different to how they actually acted.

You can pay for 100 ‘actions’ per month for £65 / $100. Why wouldn’t anyone include this in their development and testing strategy? Brilliant. .